vendredi 25 novembre 2022    
10:30 -12:00

Le Cube - Salle 201
29 Avenue R. Schuman, Aix en Provence cedex 01, Bouches-du-Rhône, 13621

Type d’évènement

Catrinel Tromp

Conférence invitée (PsyCLE & InCIAM) de Catrinel Tromp, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Rider University(USA)

Despite their negative connotation, constraints are at the heart of creativity. The Integrated Constraints in Creativity (IConIC) model (Tromp, 2022) distinguishes between different types of constraints and proposes that creativity is best understood as a cycle of constraint exploration and exploitation. It also emphasizes the interactive nature of constraints, the solution constraints provide to the issue of combinatorial explosion, and the role attitudes play in the willing integration of constraints for creative purposes. In addition to theoretical implications, the proposed conceptualization of constraints as sources of creativity and inspiration triggers has important practical applications.