Centre de Recherche en Psychologie de la Connaissance, du Langage et de l’Emotion – UR 3273


vendredi 22 mars 2024    
12:00 pm-13:30 pm

Maison de la recherche - Salle 1.18
29 avenue R. Schuman, Aix en Provence cedex 01, 13621

Type d’évènement

Paulus Markus

Paulus Markus – Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Muchen


The development of prosocial behavior has become a topic of vivid interest. Toddlers have been shown to help, comfort, and share with others. Despite rich evidence on the existence of prosociality in young children, the developmental origins are unclear. In this talk, I will sketch a theoretical framework that highlights how early prosocial behavior is routed in infants’ early social experiences. I will argue that prosocial behavior becomes increasingly other-oriented and altruistic in the course of early childhood.